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Today was date-day! And where else to go than the cosy pretty Sluis. Continue reading “Sluis”


Portugal: Alentejo

Hi guys!

I know it has been a while so I assure you this one will be extra good!
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Couleur Café ’17

Festival time!!!
I’m sharing my camping experiences and giving some tips how to pack smarter! Continue reading “Couleur Café ’17”



Recently I flew to Málaga for work. I was going to operate from there for 2 days and the third day I flew back to Brussels in the morning. Continue reading “Málaga”


Hoeve Ten Bossche

Finally, sun is out! And so are we! After a long period of cold weather and dark days, I can only think about 1 thing when I open my window in the morning… ICE CREAM! Continue reading “Hoeve Ten Bossche”



When our new roster from work was published, I got really lucky! They scheduled me for a mission in Hurghada, Egypt. We call it a mission, but actually we just fly there and at the end we fly back home to Brussels. In the mean time we are free to do whatever we like. I will be telling you about everything I did there as for almost everything was my first time. Continue reading “Hurghada”