Every once in a while everybody needs some q-time with the one woman, who will always be there for you. And what better occasion is there than talking over breakfast and tea on a terrace in the sun.

My mom and I went to a small and cosy restaurant called Foom in Mechelen. Sun was already shining bright at 9am so of course we took a table outside. As you can see in the photo, we had the same thing called ‘Haar ontbijt’ (Her breakfast). Now for the Chai lovers amongst you, as myself, you can order a Chai Latte with your breakfast. Which made the occasion even better!

The food was incredibly delicious and the personnel is so unbelievably sweet and polite. Only a little bit more lemon curd would’ve been nice. I would certainly recommend this place to everybody!
Also another great asset for Mechelen and its growing beauty!

So, who’s in for some q-time?

breakfast at Foom


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