Today was date-day! And where else to go than the cosy pretty Sluis.

My bf and I decided to step out for a day. So we drove to Sluis. It is a small and cosy village just outside the Belgian border. The village is located nearby the sea.
We arrived at noon and first went to a cafe called Kaai 10. It is without a doubt my most favourite cafe there. They do not only serve the best coffee and chai tea, but also very tasty meals and breakfasts. They have a big menu and through the meals they give you some recipes or an explanation about a meal or ingredient.

By the time it was almost time for dinner (and we shopped enough) we decided to drive a bit further to Cadzand. It a village next to the sea. We had dinner at the beachclub Caricole. Their food is so fresh and good! Just yummie in my tummie!
We didn’t stay after dinner because we still wanted to make a walk on the beach and watch the sun go down. Cadzand is not very crowded, so you can enjoy just the sound of the water and the waves. So relaxing… It is, for me, the perfect cure or solution for everything. When I see the beach and ocean everything else fades away.

It was the perfect day and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else! ❤



One comment

  1. The mamsie · July 20, 2017

    Lovely girl, lovely day ❤️


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