When our new roster from work was published, I got really lucky! They scheduled me for a mission in Hurghada, Egypt. We call it a mission, but actually we just fly there and at the end we fly back home to Brussels. In the mean time we are free to do whatever we like. I will be telling you about everything I did there as for almost everything was my first time.So because I knew I had time to do some discovering there, I arranged it for my boyfriend to come with me, as we call it ‘a buddy’.  The buddy flies as a passenger on the flight that you are working on. So for once he could enjoy the fact that he could call me whenever he needed or wanted something. In the hotel the buddy enjoys the same arrangement as the crew for a small price. We were staying at the Steigenberger Aldau Resort and we enjoyed the all-inclusive arrangement. I think it is a very fancy hotel, the staff is extremely friendly and polite, even if they don’t understand what you are trying to tell them.

The first day we arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. We quickly unpacked and put on our bathing suits to enjoy the last hours of the burning sun. We ordered ourselves a drink and let the vacation begin! When the heat passed and the sun went to sleep we went for a walk around the hotel. You have to know that Hurghada is located next to the Red Sea and our hotel was with a beach included. We had the perfect view and location. We ended our walk at the buffet and went to bed, because the next morning we had to get up very early for our first excursion…


Friday morning. I was enjoying my perfect kingsize bed at the perfect location having the perfect dream when TRING TRING… 07:00AM… My alarm goes off. Time to get ready for our boat trip and my first snorkling experience!! We booked a full day boat trip with a meal and 2 different snorkling spots. Our boat was the Prince Taha, which was pretty important to remember for when we were in the water. We sailed for about 50 minutes before we arrived at our first snorkling spot. During this trip the cameraman came to introduce himself as he was the one who would also be taking the pictures under water. The engines of the boat stopped and we went in. We had approximately 1h before we had to head back to the boat.
For me, snorkling being my first time, I was so excited! We saw so many different fish, corals and gigantic blue oysters. I was amazed every second in the water. I was so busy trying to find a different fish or following a big beauty that I most of the time missed the cameraman. I was surprised about one thing though. When we see corals in pictures or on television, They always look so fragile and colorful. While here they were more likely to be variants of white, grey, yellow and brown. Also coral is not fragile at all! It is very rough and hard as stone. I didn’t notice at the time, but afterwards I saw I even had cut myself on it.
After 1h we came out of the water and took a break. At the same time lunch was served.
I really adored everything I saw there. There was even a group of little striped fish that followed us around for a while. After the second stop we returned back to shore, we got off quickly so we would still arrive in time at the swimming pool restaurant to order the best hamburger in town.

(These pictures aren’t mine obviously)

Saturday morning. Same story as Friday morning.. TRING TRING.. Time to get ready for our second excursion!! Today my boyfriend, a colleague of mine an I went on a desert safari. The safari company picked us up at the hotel with some other guests and off we go..!
We booked a 3h safari which included a quad trip, riding a camel, drinking tea and smoking a shisha. Upon our arrival we received a scarf. Our guide than put it on our heads so we’d be protected against the sand, sun and heat. In the beginnen it felt a bit weird, but once on the quad I was so happy to have that thing on my head! The moment we drove out of the garage with our quads, I started to sweat. We drove 25km in over 40 degrees in the East Arabian Desert. To a little village of the Bedouin people. These people don’t have any passport nor papers so that’s why they live in the desert.

Little history fact: They originally come from Saoudi Arabia. They traveled around in the desert always looking for water. For men it is almost impossible to find sweet water in the desert, that is why they use camels. A camel is one of the few animals that can smell sweet groundwater from miles away and without seeing it on the surface. The Bedouin people leave the camels for 2 weeks without water. After 2 weeks they get thirsty and than they let them go. While the camels look for water, the Bedouin people follow them from a little distance. When a camel finds water he starts tapping with his foot in one spot. Then the Bedouin take over. They dig a hole for about 3 or 4 meters to get access to the water. When the water well is depleted, they did the same thing all over again.

When arrived in the village we drank a local black tea. We also received a shisha with apple flavored tobacco. It was a nice break that everybody needed. Most certainly the shadow saved us all. After the small break we went on our little camel trip. It wasn’t that much big of a deal, but for me it was already the second thing in 2 days that I could outline on my bucketlist! I was really happy. I felt quite invincible high in the sky on my camel. After saying goodbye to my pretty camel and some pictures (of course) we took our quads back to the safari centre.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the afternoon we held a tanning session at the swimming pool and some chilling in the lazy river. A river in the swimming pool complex where you can take a rubber ring to float around in for 15-20min or longer.
We ordered in and had a cosy last night. The day after we packed, went to the beach one last time and came home.

(This wasn’t my first time ;p)




  1. The mamsie · May 12, 2017

    And off you go to the next experience!
    Enjoy life, work hard and never stop listening to your heart. For that will make dreams come true! 💝


  2. Anoeska · May 22, 2017

    Being a biologist, I do have tot comment on the coral colours. Coral is supposed to be colourful. However, the ‘tourist snorkling spots’ surrounding Hurghada are in a very poor, unhealthy state (as is a lot of coral worldwide, unfortunately). Hence the kind of boring colours.
    And it’s true that it’s sharp. However, it still breaks off easily and grows extremely slow. That’s why it’s called vulnerable. People should be told not to touch it.
    *Biologist mode off*
    Nice stories, I like reading them! A good part of being a flight attendant 😁


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