Unwined is the place to be and also my favourite wine bar in Mechelen. I’m always surprised by their quick service and everlasting kindness. I’ll tell you why.
Unwined is located facing the Sint-Romboutstower, which gives you the opportunity to park your car nearby. This could come in handy when your date had one to many and (poor) you have to guide him/her back to the car.
Next to their ”Bubbels&Wine” they also serve regular hot and cold drinks. This makes Unwined accessible for a large audience including families, who want to bring their kids, and friends, when one of them has to be BOB. (Click the following link to see their menu and opening hours UNWINED)
Along with your drinks you can order some basic, but really good side dishes. Everybody can find something they like because they serve warm, cold, vegetarian and gluten free food. (Click the following link to see their menu UNWINED)
I always order the tapas or bruschettas with the surprise wine or surprise bubbels. If your company is more like my dad and you don’t want to have to go through the Mc Donalds drive-in afterwards, than you order the tapas with a quiche and the camembert in the oven. Just to make sure… I always end with a cappuccino because they know how to make a decent cappuccino with a lushes layer of foam!


Here you can see the tapas plate with surprise bubbels and the red and white version of the “Vriendenwijn Plus”. (Click the following link to see their menu UNWINED)Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

One comment

  1. Gilles Verbist · May 1, 2017

    Hey patootie, i love reading your blogposts! I can see that you found something that you love to do and most of all you always find nice things to write about!
    I’d love to read more posts from you.
    Gilles XOXO


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